Do you hav a love for theatre and and a desire to serve the Lord in a Christian theatre ministry?   If so, then Power in Praise Productions (in association with Gethsemane Ministries) invites you take part in the original Christian Musical Hadassah!   PPP is seeking men and women(over 18) who love theLord, are dependable, and committed to bring the Word of God to life though Christian theatre. We are seeking to fill all areas of theatre: acting, singing, choreography, costume design, props, video, promotion, sound, lighting, clean up, all areas.  If you think you may be interested, please read on...

 The setting is Ancient Persia.  At the end of a lavish celebration, King Ahasuerus, in a drunken rage, dethrones Queen Vashti. Later, knowing his decree can never be revoked, he becomes lonely and depressed.  Haman, the king’s right-hand-man suggests that a new queen be found among the beautiful maidens living within the empire.  The king, pleased with Haman’s suggestion, orders officials to find and return with the land’s most fairest maidens. In the midst of those taken into custody is a mysterious woman whose intelligence and wisdom cannot be overlooked.  A woman who will one day hold the life of the king in her hands even as, in his hands will lie her very own – Hadassah!   

Hadassah! is a musical.  All lines are sung.  However, there are acting and dancing parts throughout the entire musical for non-singers as well.  Most parts are written for medium voice. 

Cast of Characters with lines (vocal parts):  (NOTE: F = Female; M= Male; must be 18 or older; no set age for characters - good acting and make-up can add or minus decades!)

(F) Hadassah – Harem girl who is chosen to be queen. Serious, soft spoken and cultured.  Having been taken by force into the king’s 
      palace, she displays unusual intelligence and wisdom while keeping her real identity hidden.  

(M) King Ahasuerus – Strong personality, conservative (yet animated).  Stern, but likeable; suspicious, but fair. He has piercing eyes 
      that radiate his deep, inner thoughts.  

(M) Haman - The king’s two-faced right-hand-man.  He is arrogant and cunning in his attempts to advance himself to the throne.  

(M) Mordecai – Hadassah’s older cousin (more like an uncle).  Soft spoken but straight forward and uncompromising when pressed.    
      He knows Haman for who he really is and loathes him.

(M) Hegai - Chief Eunuch.  A butler type, dignified, composed, straight faced, stern and manly. 

(F) Tala – Harem girl.  Haman’s daughter.  Arrogant and rude, sure of (and full of) herself.  Does not get along well with others and   
     especially dislikes Hadassah. 

(F) Sahar – Harem girl. Outspoken, but truthful and fair. A bit “streetwise” and not afraid to get nose to nose with another girl.

(F) Pareesa – Harem girl. Sincere, doting, wide eyed and a bit “spacey” with a childish voice (Mary Tyler Moore “Susanne” type or 
     young “Edith Bunker” type).   

(F) Janenah – Harem girl.  Fairly outgoing, average girl

(F) Galshan – Harem girl. Quiet, avoids being in the way

(F) Nargess – Harem girl. Speaks when necessary, avoids confrontation

(F) Queen Vashti – King Ahasuerus’ first queen.  She is dethroned by the king for refusing to appear wearing only her crown. 

(M) Bigthan – Palace guard who conspires to kill the king

(M) Teresh - Palace guard who conspires to kill the king

(F) Zeresh - Haman’s wife.  Upper class, proud of her husband             

(F & M) Extras (Chorus - singing a plus; however, we can also use non-singers):  Women for Harem, palace attendants, guests, etc.
                                                                                                                           Men for guards, palace attendants, guests, etc. 

           Gethsemane Ministries                             
   Please print an application and bring it with you or send it to us via mail or email prior to your audition.  Thanks!
                       Applications are below. Contact us at:  or 610-599-7060.  Auditions are by appointment. 
      Forms can be brought to audition or mailed or emailed prior to audition (actors, if possible, please send picture with height)
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