The songs contained on this CD were designed to educate others in the truth of God’s Word and to warn against the false teachings of cults.  Most of these songs can be found on the Harvey's last three tapes.

 Satan's Blinded Slaves
(From the Audio Cassette "It is Him!")

     "I wrote this song in 1985 at the 'Witnesses Now for Jesus' convention. This annual convention, which was begun by Bill and Joan Cetnar, former Jehovah's Witnesses, brings together many counter-cult ministries and former members of cults, especially those who were involved in the Jehovah's Witnesses. 
    This song is based on a sermon and testimony of former Jehovah’s Witness Paul Blizard who is now a born-again Christian pastor. When the Blizards discovered their baby daughter’s crib full of blood they rushed her to the hospital.  They were told she needed a blood transfusion.  They were faced with a gut-wrenching decision to go against the Jehovah’s Witnesses doctrine of 'no blood transfusions' or let their daughter die. It was at this time the Blizards discovered that the God of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is a much different God than the one of the Bible."
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For The Times We're Facing Now
The "Mormon Song"
(From the Audio Cassette "It is Him!"

    "I wrote this in the early 80', it’s our testimony in song.  When three Mormon elders came to our door one afternoon, I considered them an answer to prayer.  They seemed Christ-like and used all the right Christian words.  We eventually were baptized into the Mormon Church.  However, I soon discovered (through some pretty amazing happenings) that what they said and what they believed were two different stories.  The hard part was convincing Mike.  Fortunately, God was with us.  After we left the church, our born-again Christian insurance agent invited us to his church where we gave our lives to the Jesus of the Bible."  
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Read RuthAnn and Mike's testimony

The Customizing Bible Co. 
The "C.B.C 
 (From the Audio Cassette "The Ticket")   

    "This song was inspired by a skit written and preformed by Bob Anderson (of Watchman Fellowship Ministries) and former Jehovah’s Witness Erich Grieshaber (now a born-again Christian pastor and founder of Grieshaber Ministries).  After a trip to the Watchtower headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, Bob and Erich improvised a skit that shows just how easily cult leaders change the punctuation, words and meanings of the Bible to coincide with their deceitful teachings."  

     "The C.B.B" was written in the early 90's at the  'Witnesses Now For Jesus Convention' that is held New Ringold, Pennsylvania. This song is by far the most requested counter-cult song the Harvey's sing.  

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Stamping Magazines
    "During the Friday morning 'get acquainted time' at the annual 'Witnesses Now For Jesus Convention', Ed Arnold (of New Light Ministries) explained how in a laundromat he was faced with another stack of “free” Watchtower magazines (a Jehovah’s Witnesses’ publication).  To remove the magazines would be easy, but Ed was inspired to do more – he would use the antiChristian publication as a tool to further the Kingdom of God!  Now those picking up a copy of the Watchtower are warned and offered answers as well as the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  But this was just the beginning! I was inspired to put his unique way of ministering into song.  By-the-way, the phone number in the song is real!"   

   "Stamping Magazines" was written in October of 2001 at the “Witnesses Now For Jesus” convention held at the Blue Mountain Christian Retreat in New Ringold, PA.  
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He's Alive! 
 (From the Audio Cassette "The Ticket

   "I wrote this song originally for a Vacation Bible School program. It compares the empty tomb and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ to the filled graves and afterlife of other religious leaders.”  
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The Great I Am
(From the Audio Cassette "It is Him!"
  "'The Great I Am' is one of the first songs I wrote after leaving the Mormon Church.  I wrote it in first person,  from the perspective of Jesus.  I wanted to reach those who insisted that Jesus was just a ‘good man’ or ‘talented teacher’.  I wanted to challenge them to think again!”      

   This song gives warning and confronts the misconceptions of the nonbeliever, declaring that one day every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is The Great I Am!

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It is Him! 
 (From the Audio Cassette "It is Him!"

   “It is Him!" was written as a warning to those who would reject Jesus as their personal Savior.  It reveals the fate of those whose names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  A close pastor friend said, 'It should be "It is He.'"'   
    Maybe so, but as I pictured how those that crucified Jesus would react upon seeing Him for the first time in the afterlife, I imagined them staring with their mouths open and saying, almost to themselves,'It is Him!'" 
    "It is Him!" is a glimpse of The Great White Throne Judgment that is found in the Book of Revelation.     
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(Keyboard Instrumental)

Relaxing Hymns

    "I wanted to record music that would sooth the soul.  I chose 11 old time hymn favorites. Mike kids me that there should be a warning on the label that says, ' Warning: Do not play this CD while driving!''"
   "Relaxing Hymns" contains 11 hymn arrangements by RuthAnn. This soothing CD is perfect for background music or when in prayer.  A real stress reliever!   

Contents -  
        1.'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
        2. Sweet Hour of Prayer
        3. I Know Whom I Have Believed
        4. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
        5.  Holy, Holy, Holy
        6.  Jesus, I Come
7.  Softly and Tenderly
        8.  My Jesus, I Love Thee
        9.  Near to the Heart of God
       10.  At Calvary
       11.  Amazing Grace

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The Ticket  

      "I was reading Corrie Ten-Boon’s book, The Hiding Place, when I came to the part where she reminisces about a train ticket. As a little girl, Corrie and father were at a train station and she wanted to hold her ticket while waiting for the train to arrive. Her father told her that, until train came in, she had no need of the ticket.   Her father then explained that God works in the same way.  The Heavenly Father gives us our ticket of strength when we need it, not before.  He gives us our ticket when the train comes in.”

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Clap Your Hands! 

    “The kids were getting older and wanted something a little more ‘teenish’ sounding.  So I wrote ‘Clap Your Hands” and gave them each individual parts." 
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The Last Supper

   “This song is sung in first person, from the perspective of Jesus.  The words that Jesus spoke to His disciples on the night He was betrayed, are put to music.  This is one of Aleisa and Bob’s favorites.”  
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He Lives!

    “This song is unlike most of our songs , it isn't a ballad and Mike and I sing together.  It reminds those who are lonely that Jesus truly cares about them and that He lives.”
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Give it Up!

    “I originally wrote “Give it Up!” as the theme song for our church’s Vacation Bible School.  It shows just how mixed up the world really is and asks the Christian to “give it up!” (the ways of the world). The VBS kids loved it so my children recorded it and sang it often when they helped us minister in music."

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"INew Jerusalem"

    "In New Jerusalem" is a song that describes, in vivid detail, the breathtaking Holy City that God has prepared for His people.  This can be found in the book of Revelation.

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"Sing to  Him a New Song!"

 "Sing to Him a New Songis taken from the book of Psalms and has a great up-beat temp that makes you want to shake your tambourine!

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Also available in Choral arrangement for 
SABT, piano and flute  

   This CD contains a mixture of some of the Harveys' most requested songs from their last three tapes.

Through the Eyes of a Soldier 
(From the Audio Cassette "The Ticket")
  “When I write songs in first person, I try to understand the mind of the individual I am writing about. Through the Eyes of a
Soldier is based upon the remark of the centurion in Mark 15:9 –'And when the centurion, who stood there in front of Jesus, heard his cry and saw how he died, he said, ‘Surely this man was the Son of God!’”  
     This breathtaking song is one of the most inspiring and requested songs performed by the Harveys .    
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Blood From Gold
(From the Audio Cassette "Open Doors"
    “I was at our church’s covered dish dinner and I overheard a man made this remark, ‘you can’t get water from a stone’. I immediately thought to myself 'and you can’t get blood from gold.’ It compares the emotions of Moses and Christ and is based on  Exodus 32:19 “When Moses approached the camp and saw the calf and the dancing, his anger burned and he threw the tablets out of his hands, breaking them to pieces at the foot of the mountain.” John 2:14,15 – “In the temple courts he (Jesus) found men selling cattle, sheep and doves, and   others sitting at tables exchanging money.  So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple area, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.”   
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Patrick John  
(From the Audio Cassette "Open Doors"

     “This song was inspired by Lorri MacGregor of MM Ministries. She shared the miracle God performed when she and her husband Keith were in a desperate situation.  They kept this need to themselves, telling no one, praying only to God.  Without  explanation a stranger came to them and handed them an envelope that contained the answer to their prayer.” 

     Patrick John is based on Hebrews 13: 2- “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”  

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Our Wedding Vows
    (From the Audio Cassette "It is Him!")

   "Our pastor invited all the married couples in our church to renew their marriage vows and asked if I would write a song for the occasion.” 
     “Our Wedding Vows" is a romantic and scripturally based song that especially 
compliments Christian weddings.  
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I Need More  
(From the Cassette Tape "Open Doors"

   “I was reading my Bible when I suddenly realized the amount of faith these renowned men of God had.  I sat for a long time pondering the faith of Daniel, Moses, David, Paul, and the list went on. My prayer became this song.”

   "I Need More" is a bold prayer asking God for the kind of faith  that made these men unshakable in their walk with the Living God.
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My Lord Has Eyes That Cried  (From the Audio Cassette "It is Him!")

    “I don’t really remember what prompted me to write this song, but it seems there may have been someone in our church who was struggling  with a wayward son.”  
  This song is based on Proverbs 22:6 – “Train up child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” 

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Ordinary Men 
    (From the Audio Cassette "Open Doors"

     “This song was written after ‘I Need More”.  My thoughts centered on faith; and, the more I thought, read, and prayed about it, the more I  felt I could never achieve the unshakable faith that set apart these godly men and women of the Bible.  It was at this time I began to think ‘outside of the box’ by trying to think inside the minds of those who had such incredible faith.  I imagined David hiding among the rocks while King Saul’s men walked within inches of him, seeking to take his life.  I thought, ‘how would I have reacted?’   I tried to imagine myself in David’s place and realized that only a stone statue would have been more still and quiet. I would have held my breath and I know, with the adrenaline flowing, my heart would have been pounding wildly in my ears.  I imagined David’s loud sigh of relief when Saul’s men finally gave up and left.   Anyway, the realization that these men were ordinary men inspired me to write ‘Ordinary Men’.” 
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I’ll Be Back 
(From the Audio Cassette "It is Him" and "Open Doors")

   “This was the first song I wrote after becoming a Christian.  It was inspired by Dalas Holm’s ‘Rise Again’.”   
    "I’ll Be Backis based on John 2:19 -,22 -  Jesus answered them, ''Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.'' The Jews replied, ''It has taken forty-six years to build this temple, and you are going to raise it in three days?''  But the temple he had spoken of was his body.  After he was raised from the dead, his disciples recalled what he had said. Then they believed the Scripture and the words that Jesus had spoken."

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     What Has He Done?/
Were You Looking For Me? 
(From the Audio Cassette "Open Doors")

   “I had finished writing this song only days before a convention during which we were to give a concert.  As we were driving to the convention, Mike and I began to question the effectiveness of our ministry.  So many calls we received began with 'Would you be our entertainment for...' We were ministers of God’s Word who used songs to enhance our messages and teachings, not entertainers.  Strong misgivings soon began to emerge. Finally, Mike and I finally agreed that, unless the Lord showed us differently, this would be our last concert.  
   The next evening we closed our concert with this song.  People were crying and there was a standing ovation.  We were grateful for the way it touched people, but still not convinced that we not just ‘entertainers’.   The next day, as were getting ready to leave, a man asked Mike if he was aware of what had happened the night before while we were singing “What Has He Done?/Were You Looking For Me? Apparently, an unsaved man had been invited to a great 'getaway’ and was not happy to discover that he had been ‘tricked’ into coming to a Christian retreat by his friend.  He refused to leave his room.  On Saturday evening, he noticed (on the schedule left by his friend) that a concert would be taking place. Since he loved music, he decided to go.  It was during this song that he got up and rushed out of the auditorium.  The man noticed his unsaved friend leave and thought he had been offended.  He followed after him and found him outside crying.  He gave his heart to the Lord that night.  Mike and I decided to keep singing.”
  “What Has He Done?/Were You Looking For Me?"is a great continuation to ‘I’ll Be Back’. It is the testimony of Mary and Mark as to what took place between the time of Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane and his resurrection that first Easter Sunday.  
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How Can  I Be?
(From the Audio Cassette "The Ticket")
    "How Can It Be?" is an almost dreamlike song that speaks of the Christian's life in the hereafter with Jesus."  
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 One Wants to Play with Tommy

    “This song is the most requested song our children ever sang.  I can’t say there was any one ‘inspiration’ behind it.  It’s just that we have always taught our children that, no matter who the person is, you are to be respectful and kind (I won’t even try to tell you  the stories and situations that happened due to this rule!).  Anyway, in an effort to impress upon children the Christ-like way to act to others, I wrote “No One Wants to Play withTommy”  

    “No One Wants to Play with Tommy” - preformed by the Harvey children -  is a heart-warming tale of a little boy named Tommy whom no one likes.  He’S nasty and rude, and “his face is never clean!,” the frustrated children tell their mother.  The mother explains to her children that no one is better than anyone else and that Jesus showed us this when He washed the feet of his disciples.  The young children, taking her word literally, get a bucket of water and head to Tommy’s house to wash his feet. What they discover is, once again, "Mommy always knows what's right!"

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Leave 'em Alone!

   “Leave ‘em alone is dedicated to those that have been aborted, those who live with the guilt and anguish associated with abortion, and to those who minister and rally for both in the Name of God.”

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"Visions of Christmas"

  "Visions of Christmas" is the first song we recorded.  It was also our first song to be played on the radio.

  "Visions of Christmasis the last song in the Christmas musical (by the same name) RuthAnn wrote in 1980. It's a beautiful gently-flowing song about a vision of that first Christmas.          

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"Fun Songs for 
Christian Children!"
(Children's Song Book)

    RuthAnn, who has been writing Children's songs for over 25 years, has complied them in this song book entitled, "Fun Songs for Christian Children!"

 Song book 

   Entwining true-life experiences with original music, Mike and Ruthann captivate their listeners with songs that inspire and strengthen the soul.   
   Having a God-given talent for creating thought-provoking lyrics, RuthAnn composes and arranges the music used in this unique ministry, while Mike’s expressive voice provides the finishing touch. They currently have 6 CDs and tapes available:  "It is Him(sorry, we are currently sold out); "Open Doors""The Ticket"; "Take Heed!""The Best of…"; and "Relaxing Hymns" (instrumental).  Mike and RuthAnn have appeared on many Christian television programs and  hosted the radio program, “Ordinary People” produced by Gethsemane Ministries.
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Interviewing the composer...
  The Stories behind the songs
From the CD "The Best of..."
From the CD "Relaxing Hymns"
From the Audio Cassette "The Ticket"
From the CD "Take Heed!"
From the Audio Cassette "Open Doors"
Interviewing the composer...
  The Stories behind the songs
From the Audio Cassette "It is Him!"
From the Audio Cassette "It is Him!"

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